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quiet design?

we endeavor to master the art of building through sustained practice. we work empirically but are compelled to develop serene and luminous environments. we search for reverie in light and form, experimenting with words and images, materials, and tectonic and kinesthetic rhythm, striving to stimulate the conscious and sub-conscious to re-discover each other. ultimately we attempt to build instinctively, incisively and with economy, so that the results will be like water, nourishing all things without trying.

"we strive with all our might to get architecture out of the way."



we work optimally with clients who enjoy a process of shared discovery and shared risk. our projects have been transcendent when neither we nor the client could predict the outcome of the work. we are known for inventive and seductive details. we can detail well because we plan very, very well. as characterized in current architectural parlance we are not "international, award-winning and green". we just work as hard and as responsibly as we're able.

"the local is the only universal, upon that all art builds." - john dewey paraphrased, william carlos williams [paterson]


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